Guideline 3.2 Predictable

Make Web pages appear and operate in predictable ways.

3.2.1 On Focus

Level A
When any component receives focus, it does not initiate a change of context.

3.2.2 On Input

Level A
Changing the setting of any user interface component does not automatically cause a change of context unless the user has been advised of the behavior before using the component.

3.2.3 Consistent Navigation

Level AA
Navigational mechanisms that are repeated on multiple Web pages within a set of Web pages occur in the same relative order each time they are repeated, unless a change is initiated by the user.

3.2.4 Consistent Identification

Level AA
Components that have the same functionality within a set of Web pages are identified consistently.

3.2.5 Change on Request

Level AAA
Changes of context are initiated only by user request or a mechanism is available to turn off such changes.
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