aria roles by category

Abstract Roles

The following roles are used to support the WAI-ARIA role taxonomy for the purpose of defining general role concepts. Abstract roles are used for the ontology. Authors MUST NOT use abstract roles in content.

Widget Roles

The following roles act as standalone user interface widgets or as part of larger, composite widgets.

The following roles act as composite user interface widgets. These roles typically act as containers that manage other, contained widgets.

Document Structure Roles

The following roles describe structures that organize content in a page. Document structures are not usually interactive.

Landmark Roles

The following roles are regions of the page intended as navigational landmarks. All of these roles inherit from the landmark base type and all are imported from the Role Attribute [role-attribute]. The roles are included here in order to make them clearly part of the WAI-ARIA Role taxonomy.

Live Region Roles

The following roles are live regions and may be modified by live region attributes.

Window Roles

The following roles act as windows within the browser or application.

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