An element that displays the progress status for tasks that take a long time.

An element that displays the progress status for tasks that take a long time.

A progressbar indicates that the user's request has been received and the application is making progress toward completing the requested action. The author SHOULD supply values for aria-valuenow, aria-valuemin, and aria-valuemax, unless the value is indeterminate, in which case the author SHOULD omit the aria-valuenow attribute. Authors SHOULD update these values when the visual progress indicator is updated. If the progressbar is describing the loading progress of a particular region of a page, the author SHOULD use aria-describedby to point to the status, and set the aria-busy attribute to true on the region until it is finished loading. It is not possible for the user to alter the value of a progressbar because it is always readonly.

Note: Assistive technologies generally will render the value of aria-valuenow as a percent of a range between the value of aria-valuemin and aria-valuemax, unless aria-valuetext is specified. It is best to set the values for aria-valuemin, aria-valuemax, and aria-valuenow in a manner that is appropriate for this calculation.

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