[Deprecated in ARIA 1.1]
Indicates an element's "grabbed" state in a drag-and-drop operation.

[Deprecated in ARIA 1.1]

In ARIA 1.1 the drag and drop attributes aria-grabbed and aria-dropeffect were slated to be deprecated.

The idea was to use native accessibility API features for drag and drop instead. However, in practice, since the accessibility API features for accessible drag and drop still don’t exist and likely won’t for several years, these attributes will continue to be supported on the Windows OS and reflected in the accessibility tree for some years to come until these APIs become available for use in development.

As such, the prior ARIA 1.0 guidance for making drag and drop accessible still remains valid at this time.

Indicates an element's "grabbed" state in a drag-and-drop operation.

Note: The aria-grabbed state is expected to be replaced by a new feature in a future version of WAI-ARIA. Authors are therefore advised to treat aria-grabbed as deprecated.

Setting aria-grabbed to true indicates that the element has been selected for dragging. Setting aria-grabbed to false indicates that the element can be grabbed for a drag-and-drop operation, but is not currently grabbed. If aria-grabbed is unspecified or set to undefined (default), the element cannot be grabbed.

When aria-grabbed is set to true, authors SHOULD update the aria-dropeffect attribute of all potential drop targets. When an element is not grabbed (the value is set to false or undefined, or the attribute is removed), authors SHOULD revert the aria-dropeffect attributes of the associated drop targets to none.

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